Student Behavior

I use the Behavior Checklist on the reverse side of the student Assignment Sheet to report student behavior to parents daily. See picture below.


If there is no teacher initial on a certain behavior, then the student has shown acceptable behavior for the day.

If there are teacher initials on behaviors, parent should sign on the line for that day so I know it has been seen.

See Behavior Plan below for more details. This plan was sent home to parents for signature at the beginning of the year.

Behavior Plan   Mrs. Smith--5th Grade
Expectations--A Berry Scholar Always......
1.  Keeps hands, feet and objects to self.
2.  Uses time wisely.
3.  Follows directions the first time given.
4.  Raises hand and waits to be called on.
5.  Uses courteous and respectful behavior.
6.  Is ready for class on time with all supplies needed.
7.  Completes all assignments on time.  ****
Advantages In Meeting Expectations
1.  A sense of pride in meeting expectations!
2.  Verbal praise.
3.  Positive notes/phone calls  home.
4.  Honor Card/Privileges (Awarded each six weeks to students with all ÒEÓs or ÒSÓs in
    citizenship.  Students must also have six or fewer signs on the Behavior Sheets
    each six weeks in order to qualify.)
5.  A sense of pride in meeting expectations!
Consequences For Not Meeting Expectations
(during a single day)

1st Offense:  Verbal warning-Behavior Sheet not signed.
2nd Offense: Behavior Sheet signed.
3rd Offense:  Behavior Sheet signed and 15 min. Detention assigned, to be served at
                        the end of the next school day.  Slip will be sent home to inform
                        parent/guardian of the need to arrange for transportation, if necessary.
4th Offense:  Behavior Sheet signed; 30 min. Detention (see above).
5th Offense:  T.A.P.S. (Time Away from Peers)--3-day, in-class isolation and loss of
                        privileges, silent seating at lunch, loss of recess.
6th Offense:  Immediate removal to administrator for disciplinary action.
****Students not completing assignments on time will be given until the next class
      time to turn them in or serve a required 30 min. in STUDY HALL .  A note will be
      sent home to parents/guardians so they may arrange for after-school

Below is a sample of the note sent home when students have earned after-school d-hall for 2 or more signs in a single day. I will hold the student  after school whether or not the note has been signed, unless I hear directly from the parent.


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